Bluefire timeline and user planning for summer 2012

May 2, 2012

While CISL is preparing for the arrival of the first Yellowstone hardware shipments, we wanted to provide users with some information about what you can expect from Bluefire in the coming months.

Most important, CISL has extended the maintenance agreement for Bluefire through September 30, 2012, and we will continue to operate Bluefire as a production resource until that date. If you encounter any issues, please contact as you do now.

Keep the September 30 deadline in mind, however. On or shortly after that date, Bluefire will be shut down for good. We will not be able to keep Bluefire around for "one last run." All users and projects should plan to complete critical work or reach meaningful stopping points before that date.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Bluefire is likely to become more active near the deadline, not less busy, as users try to complete their projects. All users are asked to plan accordingly and avoid the last-minute rush.

For planning purposes, assume that the September 30, 2012, is fixed. However, CISL is closely watching the Yellowstone deployment schedule for any changes that would recommend an extension to Bluefire's operation. We will inform users as quickly as possible if we change the date.