Action needed on GLADE project and work space changes

October 23, 2018

GLADE users who have not already done so need to take appropriate action soon as a result of several recent and important changes to GLADE’s project and work spaces.

As announced previously, the GLADE project and work spaces in /glade/p_old/ are now read-only and users can no longer move or delete files from those spaces. They will be decommissioned December 31 and all files will be permanently removed from the system. Users who still have files in /glade/p_old/ or /glade/p_old/work should copy them to one of the new storage systems as soon as possible.

Project spaces

CISL recommends moving active project data to /glade/p/<entity>/<project_code> where entity can be univ, uwyo, cesm, mmm, nsc, or other designated NCAR lab or special program. A one-year purge policy will be enforced on files in those new spaces, meaning files that are not accessed for more than one year will be deleted.

Project data that are not active but need to be preserved should be moved to the Campaign Storage archive. Users access and manage their Campaign Storage files with Globus services. A five-year purge policy will be enforced on Campaign Storage effective from the date files are created in that archive.

Work spaces

All users now have individual directories in /glade/work with 1-TB quotas. Files in those directories are not purged. Users should copy any files they need from their /glade/p_old/work/ directories to their new /glade/work directories before December 31.

These and other updates to storage systems have been published in table format here.

Contact with questions or for help copying files.