2017 Fall Power Down - Mesa Lab Data Center October 14

October 10, 2017

Beginning Saturday, October 14th @ 06:00, the NCAR Colocation Data Center will be shut down to facilitate standard cooling plant maintenance. Operations begin @ 06:00 and are scheduled to end no later than 18:00.

The majority of computational operations in the Mesa Lab data center will be impacted for the duration of this Saturday outage. There are some special projects with regard to the fiscal year end process that will be allowed to stay online during this event and arrangements have been made to maintain infrastructure for these systems. Program system administration teams have been provided details on the work taking place. If you have questions regarding impacts to your program, check with your system administration team.

If you require additional information send your questions to: cislhelp@ucar.edu.

CISL Service Outage Information:

  • NETS MLDC: NETS will be moving fiber infrastructure in preparation for the MLDC project.  This will affect ml-mr-c2-gs, ml-mr-j5-es, ml-mr-c10-gs, and ml-4e-c1-gs and other fiber connections in these areas.  We will also walk redundant uplink connections for ml-mr-j2-es and ml-mr-j3-es.
    NETS will also be working with TAC to troubleshoot issues with ml-mr-j5-es.

  • Guest wireless authentication will be unavailable.

  • UCAS Password Changes via web: Changing UCAS passwords will be unavailable via the web at https://kpasswd.ucar.edu/ but will remain available on Kerberized workstations. UCAS password authentication, Role Principal initiation, and Role Principal authentication will remain in service.

  • FTP: The UCAR FTP server, ftp.ucar.edu, will be unavailable.

  • UCAR web services: jira, drupal sites and wiki.ucar.edu will be down.

  • ExtraView (CISL helpdesk ticketing system) will be down. - Please contact CASG at x4300 or 307-996-4300.

  • Sentry Power Manager (SPM): Will remain online.