“Migrating Files from HPSS” tutorial video and slides now online

December 6, 2019

Video and slides from the December 4 tutorial “Migrating Files from HPSS” are now available here in the CISL training library. The 40-minute presentation by Brian Vanderwende of the CISL Consulting Services Group provides guidance and best practices for moving files from HPSS to alternative storage facilities.

Topics covered include:

  • Obtaining information about HPSS data holdings

  • Moving files to external storage platforms using Globus and Linux utilities

  • Moving files to Campaign Storage via the data-access nodes

HPSS will become read-only on January 20, 2020, and be decommissioned in 2021. Users are advised to begin evacuating their holdings from HPSS immediately.

See related documentation: Migrating Files from HPSS.